Here you can find the most commonly asked questions concerning either our products, services, the site or the company itself.
NOTE: We will NOT answer any type of cheat-related questions.

1. The Games

Q: I have trouble running the games, what do I do?
A: You will need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player plugin to play our games. To install the latest version of the player - click here (link opens in a new window).
Q: I have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player but I still cannot run any games?
A: Try clearing your browser's cache and then reload the page.
Q: I received a new highscore and submitted to the highscore list, but my score doesn't show?
A: Do not worry, your score has been submitted. On some computers, the connection to our database can sometimes be fairly slow and thus the scores does not seem to update. But we guarrantee that all new highscores submitted correctly* to the database are recorded by our database. Reload the game or wait a while and your new score will show up soon.
* Clicking the submit button and making sure that the name you entered contains at least one character
Q: Why aren't the highscore list retrieving any scores?
A: When you play our games, make sure that the URL starts with http://www.crobasoft... not http://crobasoft...
Q: I have found one or several bugs in a program or a game, can you fix it?
A: Yes. As soon as we notice any type of bug or problem with any of our games, we will look into it. Once the problem is solved, an update will be released on the site. We happily welcome bug reports sent to us - that way we can provide with a solution much faster.

2. Crobasoft Interactive

Q: Will you do a link exchange with my website?
A: In most cases the answer will be: yes. However we will not perform exchanges with sites we find inappropriate. Please send us an inquiry to contact@crobasoft.com and we will reply as soon as we can.
Q: Do you have any job openings?
A: Unfortunately are there currently no jobs available.